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A guide to Customer Service on Social Media

A guide to Customer Service on Social Media

Social media customer service helps you understand your customers the best. And to communicate with your audience on social media basis with emotional perspective. It provides a space for your customers to reflect their needs, share their complaints and express their satisfaction with your company. It helps you

You may think you provide the excellent customer service on social media, but unfortunately your customers don’t share the same thought! To help you understand why, you have to differentiate between two concepts; the good and exceptional customer services:

  1. The good customer service is to offer a service for your customers needs or inquiries and resolve all their concerns with the proper interaction
  2. While the exceptional customer service is to go beyond your customers’ expectations and ensure your customers’ full satisfaction. And that what you need to deliver in your social media.



  • First of all you need to define how to deal with your customers online, how to deal with their interaction and what’s the maximum online interaction you expect before your interaction upgrades to the offline level
  • Define your target response time on social media, to your audience inquires through messaging or comments. The faster and more efficient your response is, the more you’re able to win customers’ trust.
  • Initialize your Answer Map to guide you through the common and frequently asked questions of your customers, and keep your answer map updated to save your time and deliver the perfect answers.
  •  Be proactive: you don’t have to wait till a customer complaint or ask and then you response! Be proactive! Before you publish a post on social media, promote for a new product or introduce a service, you have to create an integral informational and educational content that will help reduce the amount of support and increase the engagement rates with your customers.
  • Respond quickly: The faster and more efficient your response is, the more you’re able to win customers’ trust. The customers when they go to social media they expect fast response within minutes or an hour.
  • Get insights into your customer service to measure its effectiveness. Measure your engagement rates whatever comments, likes and response time


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