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We are not freelancers who gathered in one room, we are not employee who spend night at café and hope tomorrow to be off, We are not broke so we need every cent, We are not owners who want to take vacations whenever they want, We are not designers as much as creators, we do not play by the book, We are not talking we take actions, We are not accepting everything if we can’t do it we admit it, We are not just an advertising agency.


Our target is Eccentric Creativity instead of sterile advertising. We follow simplicity, Creativity and uniqueness standards. In our advertising, we’re committed to maximize the advertising results to create awareness, growth and publicity for our partners’.


We regard our clients as our partners, that’s why even the smallest details matter. As we’re results oriented, our work is based on codes of Strong marketing concept, creative thinking and strategic planning.

Our Value Proposition

Our work is all about Creativity, in other words, there’s always a new idea and a creative design’s concept for each task we do. That’s the sole purpose of our investment in Fabrica Creative Studio, to be eccentrically creative and present our work in a new concept