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How Time matters on Social Media

How Time matters on Social Media

Time is everything on social media platforms as you need to publish content that you’re certain that users are around to view your posts. As you’re able to reach large audience, You’ll get higher engagement and traffic which will be reflected positively on your fans, followers and customers.

The trickiest question is; when’s the best time to publish on social media platforms?

There are three main factors that can help you answering this question: Your target audience, the platform and your goals.

  1. Define your target audience: Who they are? Where they are? When they are active? What are their interests and preferences?
  2. Select the platform you’re going to use. That depends on which’s the most efficient platform to reach your target audience?
  3. Set your online goals to define your social media content whatever it will be for engagement, branding, information or entertainment.

There’s no standard for the perfect time to go online and publish your content, however you need to optimize your time schedules. You can achieve that by reviewing the findings of some recent studies of social media best time “mainly on Facebook and Instagram”.

Facebook: the Facebook algorithm makes it hard to reach your fans. For example; you may have 1 million of fans however your Facebook post only reaches a couple of thousands! That's why you need to do a lot of insight research. Go to your page! Analyze the page insights! Ask yourself which was the best publishing time that achieved high reach and engagement rates.

The studies’ findings have shown that the best time to go on Facebook is between 12:3 PM for the whole week days; however the best time for the weekend is between 12:1 PM. Some other analytics tools such as Kissmetrics suggests other timing for the efficient publishing which is 5 pm for the weekdays. The timing considerations will differ depending on your industry field, target audience, location and type of content.

Instagram: The photos on instagram usually don’t appear in chorological order but according to the likelihood of the posts and the interested users in your photos. That means you need to get high engagement (likes and comments) on your post to guarantee its reach.  So you need to build engaging and interesting content. The best time according to Hootsuite to post on instagram is between 12 PM to 1 PM for the weekdays.

Finally, Get the habit of both testing and tracking your results to maximize your online efficiency.

  • Testing: When you’re going to publish a post, test it and develop various versions of the same post, testing will help you to identify what works for you the best.
  • Tracking: Track you page results from the insights of your social media pages. Analyze the results of your publishing. Track also your big competitors’ pages to get insights into how they actually work. There’re many websites provide you with the full reports of the pages insights.

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